Stewart D. Roberson Scholarship for Professional Development

Sue Forbes Watson Teacher Scholarship

Sue Forbes Watson Student Scholarship

Creative Instructional Grants - In 2018-2019, Altria and the HEF is funding $28,000 in classroom grants.  These grants provide funds to do meaningful educational programs which otherwise would not be affordable.  For a list of current grant recipients <click here>.

Scholarships totaling $123,000 were awarded to the Class of 2018 to 50 recipients for our students to pursue training and educational opportunities beyond high school. 
   Scholarship Guidelines <click here>. 
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   2018 Scholarship Recipients  <click here>.

Supplemental Grants - To encourage teachers and students in the pursuit of excellence, the HEF awards  students and teachers to represent Hanover County in national and international competitions and meetings.

Mike Fehl Special Education Grants - Special education grants are awarded in memory of Mike Fehl.  The grant is awarded to encourage, stimulate, and enhance creativity in effective instruction in the area of special education and are reserved for the teachers of children with special needs.  <click here>