The Hanover Education Foundation's Goals

Be a dynamic and responsible mechanism for meeting the changing educational challenges and needs of Hanover County.

Encourage innovative educational programs of direct benefit to teachers and students.

Serve as a non-profit legal body to solicit and receive tax deductible funds from those sharing and supporting a continuing vision of excellence for Hanover County Public Schools.

Hanover residents, business leaders, alumni and others who are genuinely interested in our schools and community comprise a 16-member Board of Directors.  The Superintendent and one member of the School Board along with others also serve as non-voting advisors to the Foundation.  The Hanover Education Foundation is sanctioned by the School Board, but neither managed nor directed by it.

In all competitive awards, standard applications are completed and judged by an impartial review committee.  In district-wide grants, proposals for funding are judged by the HEF Board as to their benefit to the education of all our children.  These funds are awarded independent of the school's budget and do not negatively affect federal, state or local funding.